I am passionate about developing people. I am passionate about developing all round youths and families. We run a small consulting and training business where we are mainly well known for motivational Speaking and training in Financial wellness, as well business development courses. I am a business coach, Marriage Coach, personal finance coach & counselor. 

I lecture Business and entrepreneurship at university level. I research on business, Entrepreneurship, business strategy & leadership, financial wellness etc. Of late I have started research on Block chain technology and cryptocurrency which is my new love meant to help companies to take advantage of new technology to become more efficient and effective; as well as helping individuals to learn more about cryptocurrency. 

In future I  see myself helping youths and entrepreneurs in raising financial capital using tokens and initial coin offerings. So far I have spoken and/trained people on business, marketing & branding, work ethics etc in Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana.  Organisations that form my clientele include The British Council, Barclays Bank, The Botswana Stock Exchange, UNISA, various government departments, various Churches such as Winners Chapel, Forward in Faith, Celebration Church etc. I have authored 4 books - 3 on finance and one on relationships.

 I am writing a fifth book on Investing in Cryptocurrency and blockchain