Dr Alero Ann Roberts, a graduate of the College of
Medicine University of Lagos, started her professional
medical career in private practice in 1985, rising from
medical officer to hospital administrator of a private
hospital in Lagos.
After complaining constantly about the diminishing
capacities of medical officers, she returned to academic
life, completed her MPH in 2000, and joined the
University of Lagos as a lecturer 2 in the Department of
Community Health and Primary Care. She is presently a
senior lecturer and consultant to the Lagos University
Teaching Hospital, involved in teaching, service delivery
and research. Her research interests include home and community-based
prevention and management of childhood illnesses, developmental delays and
learning difficulties, and sustainable capacity-building of healthcare
Dr Roberts is an active member of NMA and the Association of Public Health
Physicians of Nigeria. She was part of the team that battled the Ebola Virus
Disease. As a member of the board of the Ebola Containment Trust Fund
(ECTF), she was actively involved in the private sector support of the
government’s activities that strengthened the efforts of the state to improve
community mobilisation and preparation.
She serves on several boards including the Corona Schools Trust Council,
Beyhealth Foundation – involved in the continuing professional development of
doctors; and the Wellbeing Foundation, a non-governmental organisation
globally renowned for advocating for universal access to effective and
affordable health care for mothers and children.